Gateron Quiet Switch Buying Guide

Many people like to try different keyboards and switches to help them better their typing/gaming experience. If you're a Gateron switch lover looking for a quiet keyboard switch with a low pitch that won't disturb others, you might wonder which is the quietest Gateron switch.

What is a quiet keyboard switch?

Quiet keyboard Switches are standard keyboard switches that don't produce a loud noise. They dampen the sound of each keystroke to achieve a lower sound output, but they aren't completely silent. The quiet keyboard switch is also known as the silent keyboard switch. It is a special variation of the regular switch with a built-in mute mechanism that provides quieter keystrokes. 

What are the benefits of quiet keyboard switches?

The key sounds are an important factor in a keyboard experience. In fact, one of the main reasons many people are attracted to mechanical keyboards is the satisfying loud clicking sound when you’re typing. But in some places where there are strict sound restrictions and the loud click can disturb the people around you, many people will choose quiet keyboard switches.

Here are a few quiet keyboard switch benefits: 

  • A quiet keyboard will not draw unnecessary attention to students, professionals, and other people who need to work or study in public places.
  • Quiet keyboard switches are perfect for gamers who want to reduce noise.
  • If you tend to use a keyboard at night, it is recommended that you choose a quiet keyboard switch to not disturb your partner or family members. This is true even for the most intense play sessions.

What type of Gateron switch is the quietest?

Gateron produces keyboard switches in many colors to meet the different needs of users. There are three main types: Linear, Tactile, and Clicky.

FeaturesLinear SwitchTactile SwitchClicky Switch
Sound LevelQuiet; almost silentModerate clickLoud audible click
Typing FeelSmooth and consistentbumpy; halfway downbumpy; halfway down
Gateron Switch ColorRed, Black, Yellow, WhiteBrownBlue, Green

Linear Switches

A linear switch is very smooth and tactile-free. These switches provide a bump-free and smooth actuation experience when you press them. They are consistent and quiet, making little to no sound. Therefore, they are preferred by various manufacturers when developing silent switches. Gateron's main linear switches lineup includes the red, black, yellow, and white switches.

Tactile Switches

A tactile switch is a middle point between linear and clicky switches. It produces tactile bumps and relatively quiet audible clicks with each keystroke. The Gateron's brown switch is a tactile switch.

Clicky Switches

Click switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that produces a clearly audible click noise and tactile feedback when you press a key. Out of the three main switches, clicky switches are the loudest. The Gateron's clicky switches consist of the blue switch and green switch.

3 Popular Quiet Gateron Switches 

Gateron Silent Switch

Gateron Silent Switches are one of the quietest keyboard switches on the market. If you are looking for a good and reliable silent switch, the Gateron silent series will be a good starting point. It comes in both linear and tactile models and has up to five different operation forces options to choose from. So you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Gateron Aliaz Silent Switch 

The Gateron Aliza Silent switch is a mute tactile switch with strong bumpy feedback. It offers four different operation force options: 60 gf, 70 gf, 80 gf, and 100 gf. If you want a quiet and stiff tactile switch, then the Gateron Aliaz Silent switch will be your best choice.

Gateron Ink V2 Silent Black Switch

The Silent Black Ink is an amazingly smooth and quiet switch. It is currently the only silent switch in the Ink series and features a 60 gf operating force and 2.0 mm travel distance. If you're looking for a premium silent switch with extra smoothness, a low-pitched sound, and a uniquely colored housing, you should definitely check out the Gateron ink V2 Silent Black switch.

How to make your keyboard quieter when typing?

If you’re looking for a way to make your typing quieter, buying a silent mechanical switch is a great option! But if that’s not possible for whatever reason, there are also several other options you can do to lower your keyboard sound. For instance, you can install small rubber O-rings around the stems of the switches under your keycaps to reduce the noise when keys bottom out. One thing to note is that this method is not for everyone, as rubber O-rings can make your keys feel mushy and unpleasant to use.

Similarly, you can lube your switches to improve your switch typing feel and reduce any form of scratchiness to significantly reduce the noise that your switches produce when you type. This will be a time-consuming process and depending on how many switches you have, it is possible to damage or over-lubricate switches in the process. Naturally, you can also install foam in the keyboard or use a desk mat to reduce the sound of your keyboard.

The quiet keyboard switch is very useful in many situations. Hope you found some helpful information in this article.

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