Gateron yellow pro (KS-9) vs Gateron milky yellow pro (KS-3)

The Gateron Yellow switch has always been a hot topic among the community and switch reviewers. It is loved by fans for its super smooth feel and excellent sound. Gateron has successively developed and produced many series of yellow switches, which are very popular. Today, let’s compare two yellow switches that are often mentioned by switch enthusiasts: Gateron yellow pro (KS-9) and Gateron milky yellow pro (KS-3).

Gateron yellow pro is also known as G Pro Yellow. Both Gateron yellow pro and the Gateron milky yellow pro are pre-lubed from the factory and have a 50 gf operation force and almost the same force travel curve. So we will mainly focus on the appearance, wobble, sound, backlight, and compatibility for comparison, which will lead to distinct key pressing feels.

Gateron Yellow Pro (KS-9)

Gateron Milky Yellow Pro (KS-3)

The Difference Between Gateron Yellow Pro and Gateron Milky Yellow Pro


Table headerGateron yellow proGateron milky yellow pro
Top HousingPC, transparentNylon, translucent milky
Bottom HousingNylon, whiteNylon, milky
SpringSpring steelSpring steel
NotesUpgrade its mold in the manufacturing processCommunity favorite

The Gateron yellow pro is engineered with a transparent top housing and white nylon bottom. It features a flipped nameplate and bifurcated LED slot on the top housing, which is different from the milky yellow pro. On the bottom housing, the Gateron yellow pro has an opening design that is used to support SMD-LED light.

Gateron milky yellow pro switch is made with different materials than the Gateron yellow pro. It uses Nylon for the top and bottom housing and the top housing shows a translucent milky appearance, which can mean a less scratchy keystroke. There are LED slot holes on the bottom housing that are used for compatibility with plug-in RGB LED light.

The upper row is the structure of Gateron milky yellow pro (KS-3)


The Gateron yellow pro has upgraded its mold to have a firmer snap-on structure than the milky yellow pro switch, reducing switch stem wobble. This means that the pieces fit together better and the overall structure is more compact for better mounting and unplugging on the keyboard, avoiding causing the switch to stretch, crack, and split.

The milky yellow pro switch stem is relatively loose, but better than the old milky switch. 


The typing sound is often determined by its material. Nylon is a softer material, not the smoothest, but it has a good silencing effect. PC, a harder material that is smoother than nylon but less silenced, is used for switch casing, which produces a higher pitch and fuller sound. Therefore, the milky yellow pro is quieter and deeper than the Gateron yellow pro.


The Gateron milky yellow pro's top housings will let RGB shine through, but the light will be a bit softer (and more dispersed) thanks to the translucent design.

The Gateron yellow pro has better backlight transmittance because of its transparent cover.


The Gateron yellow Pro is designed to be compatible with a keyboard with 2-Pin LED/4-Pin LED/SMD-LED or RGB-SMD lights. The Milky yellow pro is only suitable for a keyboard with 2-pin 3mm round lights and non-raised SMD-LED lights due to the limitations of its housing cover and base.

Gateron Yellow Pro or Gateron Milky Yellow Pro: Which Switch Is Better For Me?

The left is Gateron yellow pro (KS-9)

The stems are almost the same

The springs are almost the same

The left is Gateron yellow pro (KS-9)

This will depend on your personal preference. The Gateron yellow pro and Gateron milky yellow pro are great for gaming and typing. 

If you want a switch that sounds nice and deep and has a “buttery-smooth” feel, go with Gateron Milky yellow pro.

But if you’re looking for a yellow switch that has a better backlight and broad compatibility, you’re still probably better off with Gateron yellow pro.

So, there you have it – a simple comparison of Gateron yellow pro vs Gateron milky switches! I hope this helped you make a decision on which switch is best for you! 

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