Gateron has opened the door for more keyboard enthusiasts by decreasing the minimum for custom keyboard switches. From the previous MOQ of 100,000 to 200,000 switches to 50,000 switches, more players can meet the 50,000 switches customization demand now.

As a pioneer of customized switches, Gateron has made customization more readily available this time, so they can work with users better to promote the culture of custom keyboards to the public. More players can join in on the fun of switch customization. They really are putting the choice in the hands of the user by providing options to customize the appearance, color match, select different materials, product positioning, and many more.

Since 2015, Gateron has successively launched the Zeal Purple Switches, Tiffany Switches, Silent Blue Switches, Cyber Switches, Azure Dragon Switches, Blizzard Switches, Holy Panda X Switches, Duck Switches, and many other well-known customized premium switches. On the road to continuous R&D and innovation, Gateron is aspired to further explore the customized service industry, further improve the keyboard switch customization service system, and strive to bring a more perfect experience to players! Whether it is an inspiration from life or a sudden idea, you can contact our official customer service and make your customized mechanical switches a reality.

Custom from 50,000 pieces

Pioneer of customized switch

Technology and service support:

  • Product positioning
  • Appearance customization
  • Material selection
  • Color matching

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