What's the best Gateron linear switch for mechanical keyboards?

When it comes to keyboard switches, the first thing that comes to mind is the typing experience. Linear, tactile, and the clicky fingertip feel tend to be the popular choices among mechanical keyboard users.

The Gateron linear switch is one of the most popular and preferred switches by the gaming community for its excellent performance and silky smooth typing experience. If you're looking for the best linear switch for your mechanical keyboard or just enjoy a smooth switch, the Gateron linear switch will be for you.

Before we dive deeper into our answer, let's get to know a little bit more about linear switches.

Table of Contents

  • What are Linear Switches?
  • Why use Linear Switches?
  • How to choose the best Linear Switch for you?
  • 17 Popular Gateron Switches For mechanical Keyboard In 2022

What are Linear Switches?

Linear Switch

Tactile Switch

Clicky Switch

Linear switches are comparatively noiseless switches with buttery-smooth actuation and a vertical pressing feel. They don't provide any audible click or tactile feedback when triggered. Unlike the bumpy rise tactile switches and clicky switches with loud noises, the linear switches are far quieter and come with a fast actuation, smooth, and seamless experiencing for typing and playing.

Why use Linear Switches?

The linear switch is one of the best switches and many people’s typical choice for everyday usages such as typing, office work, and gaming. The linear switch is the perfect option if you are an avid gamer or someone who works in a quiet environment that doesn't want to bother others. The linear switch keyboard is highly recognized for its excellent responsiveness, durability, and adaptability, which can help with quick responses in gaming as well as for typing efficiently; even for long, fast strokes. It can also help to better combat hand tiredness, discomfort, and soreness.

All in all, linear switches are some of the most common and popular mechanical switches you'll find. Whether you're planning to use a mechanical keyboard for gaming or office purposes, it's the ideal choice.

How to choose the best Linear Switch for you?

If you are a beginner or have never used a linear switch before, it may be difficult for you to choose the best linear switches when there are so many mechanical switches available.


Sound is one of the main factors that can help you to identify linear switches. As mentioned above, the linear switch is smooth and quiet, and although there is a slight click sound below it, it is almost inaudible compared to the other switches. This is usually the most obvious indicator because the clicky switches are usually loud and bumpy.


Smoothness is one of the main characteristics of the linear switch. You can identify the better linear switches from others by the switch’s smoothness. In contrast to the tactile and clicky switch, the linear switch registers a keystroke with a light actuation force, making typing and playing a seamless experience.

Operation Force

The Operation force is also an important component when choosing a keyboard switch, and subtle force differences can sometimes cause a very different switch experience. Linear switches with different operation forces are currently available on the market, such as the Gateron red switch with 45 gf operation force, the Gateron yellow switch with 50 gf operation force, and the Gateron white switch with 35 gf operation force, etc. If you prefer a softer touch and lighter triggering feel, the Gateron white switch will be your ideal match.

Remember when choosing your ideal linear switches, make sure to check the operation force for that switch.

17 Popular Gateron Switches For Mechanical Keyboard In 2022

Now that we know the basics of the linear switch, let's analyze the Gateron linear switch. Today I'm going to take you through the various Gateron linear switches and try to answer this question. We created a shortlist of the best Gateron linear switch available on the market today. 

17 popular Gateron linear switches for mechanical keyboards are:

  • Gateron Milky Yellow
  • Gateron Milky Black
  • Gateron Milky Yellow Pro
  • Gateron G Pro Yellow
  • Gateron G Pro Red
  • Gateron Speed Silver Pro
  • Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow
  • Gateron G Pro 2.0 Red
  • Gateron Ink Black V2
  • Gateron Box Ink Black V2
  • Gateron Box Ink Pink V2
  • Gateron Silent Red
  • Gateron North Pole Yellow
  • Gateron Oil King
  •  Gateron Cap V2 Milky Yellow
  • Gateron Cap V2 Golden Yellow
  • Gateron CJ Linear -Light Blue

Next, let's conduct an in-depth study on the four aspects of the linear switch above: performance, price, sound, and material.

Properties of Linear Switches

Judging from the performance of various switches, these Gateron switches all show excellent anti-oxidation. Its data shows that these switches generally produce a lifespan of up to 50 million cycles, some switches made of specialized materials can even have an operation lifespan of up to 80,000,000 cycles.

Prices of Linear Switches

In terms of price, Gateron has also produced some premium linear switches with higher price points. For example, the Ink Black V2 and Ink Box Switch have a higher price than other Gateron linear switches on the market because they have higher and more advanced specifications.

Sound Level of Switches

Everyone perceives sound a little differently. In this test, the sound of these switches is as described. So, how do you know which to pick? This just depends on your own personal preference.

The Materials of Linear Switches

Linear Switch NameUpper HousingHousing BaseStemSpringContact
Gateron Milky YellowMilkyMilkyNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron Milky BlackMilkyMilkyNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron Milky Yellow ProMilkyMilkyNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron G Pro YellowTransparentOpaqueNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron G Pro RedTransparentOpaqueNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron Speed Silver ProTransparentOpaqueBoxStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron G Pro 2.0 YellowTransparentOpaqueNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron G Pro 2.0 RedTransparentOpaqueNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron Ink Black V2InkInkNormalBlack-plated Gold alloy
Gateron Box Ink Black V2InkInkBoxBlack-plated Gold alloy
Gateron Box Ink Pink V2InkInkBoxBlack-plated Gold alloy
Gateron Silent RedTransparentOpaqueNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron North Pole YellowTransparentTransparentNormalGold-platedGold alloy
Gateron Oil KingOpaqueOpaqueNormalBlack-platedGold alloy
Gateron Cap V2 Milky YellowMilkyMilkyNormalStainless steelGold alloy
Gateron Cap V2 Golden YellowOpaqueOpaqueNormalGold-platedGold alloy
Gateron CJ Linear -Light BlueTransparentOpaqueNormalGold-platedGold alloy

Currently, there are four types of housings for Gateron linear switches: transparent, opaque, ink, and milky. The transparent housing allows light to pass through the switch body for a better backlighting effect. This means that the opaque housing blocks RGB light from the keyboard. Ink housing is an upgraded color transparent smokey housing and it depends on the switch color. The milky housing is a kind of milky white housing, and its light transmission is between transparent and opaque, which makes the keyboard's LED lighting less intense but with a more even diffusion look.

Additionally, the contacts of all these 17 linear switches are all made of gold alloys. Gold Alloy Contact can offer better durability and anti-oxidation performance in comparison with the copper contacts on the market.


If you have the budget and enjoy smooth typing, then I recommend you to go for the Gateron Box Ink Black V2.

If you are looking for the Best Budget linear switch then I suggest you try the G Pro Yellow.

If you are a fast-paced gamer who likes a smooth feel, the Gateron Speed Silver Pro is ideal for you because of its ultra-low actuation.

If you like the fully transparent switch body and intense bright backlight, the North Pole switch is a must-have.

If you are in a place where sound is strictly restricted, Gateron Silent Red is your match.

If you want to buy a pre-lubed switch with a heavier feel, the Oil King switch will not let you down.


Each switch has its own advantages and usage, so make sure you have a complete understanding of them before you make a purchase.

Thanks for reading, and hope this article helped you find the best Gateron linear switches.

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