Gateron Low Profile Switches: KS-27 VS KS-33

Since the release of the Gateron KS-33 Low Profile Switch, we have received a lot of feedback from users regarding some confusion about the differences between the KS-33 with the KS-27 because they look pretty similar. In this article, I'll clarify the differences and help you figure out which one will meet your needs.

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Before we go in-depth about two, let's introduce them briefly.

The KS-27 Low Profile switch is the first Gateron Low Profile switch with a cross stem. It adopts a double-stage spring and is factory pre-lubed for a smooth and comfortable typing experience.

The KS-33 Low Profile switch, aka the Gateron Low Profile 2.0 switch, is based on the KS-27 Low Profile switch. It retains the original double-stage spring and factory pre-lubed features, but the KS-33 also has a shorter side pole that is 0.3 cm shorter and a longer stem pole that is elongated by 0.3 cm more to improve the bottom-out feel when pressed.

Here is a comparison table:

Difference: Switch Height

The KS-33 Low Profile switch is 12.2 mm in height, slightly taller than the KS-27 Low Profile switch at 11.75 mm. The height difference is hard to distinguish. Of course, one way is to install them on the switch tester or keyboard with the same Low Profile keycap and you can easily notice the small height difference. Therefore, you may need to replace all the keyboard switches at the same time if you plan to change your keyboard switch to the Gateron KS-33 Low Profile switch.

Gateron Low Profile Switches: KS-27 VS KS-33

Difference: Pre-Travel And Total Travel

The KS-27 Low Profile switch has a 1.5 mm pre-travel and 2.5 mm total travel and provides a fast and smooth finger feel. Even though the KS-33 Low Profile switch is a low profile switch, it does have a 1.7 mm pre-travel that is similar to normal profile switches but actuates faster than the normal switch.

Difference: Switch Option

The KS-33 Low Profile switch also offers a white bottom housing option in addition to its original black housing base. There is no difference in the typing feel between the two bases, choose your preferred color.

KS-27 or KS-33, which switch should I choose?

From all the comparisons above, you can see the main differences between the KS-27 and KS-33 are the difference in pre-travel, total travel, and bottom-out force. They both have the same operating force, making the typing experience pretty similar. A popular determining factor is travel distance preferences, people with longer fingers may want a longer travel distance to help reduce accidental keystrokes.

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